Microbes are the most basic form of life which play important role in biochemical cycles in nature. Microbial cells and their products e.g.enzymes, metabolites, and bioactive compounds are widely used in key industrial sectors including food, animal feed, chemical, energy,and pharmaceutical industries. Evolution leads to highly diversified microorganisms with specialised capabilities for existing in a wide range of environmental.Their divergent adaptation and metabolic versatility make them invaluable bioresource for the emerging biobased economy.

New microbes are explored for their potential was further modified by advanced genetic tools for various applications.This leads to increased utilization of microbes and microbial processes for production specialty products with improved economic feasibility for more sustainable industries.


  1. To provide a platform for strong collaborative network in microbial biotechnology research among local and ASEAN countries with their international partners.
  2. To share research experience and update technology on development and utilization of microbes for biotechnological application and impact on economy.


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