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Microbial Production of Bio-Based Chemicals: A Biorefinery Perspective

Dishisha, Tarek LU (2013) Abstract A shift from fossil- to renewable biomass feedstock for the emerging bio-based economy requires the development and adoption of new sustainable technologies that are more suited for transformation of biomass components to chemicals, materials and energy. This thesis presents investigations on the development of processes based on industrial biotechnology as a key element for the production of chemicals from agro-/industrial by-products. Source: Microbial Production of Bio-Based Chemicals: A Biorefinery...

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Turning Waste into Value-Added Resources

Microbes are nature’s top recyclers. Genome Prairie researchers are leading an international collaboration exploring the ability of certain bacteria to convert waste materials such as straw, woodchips and paper into renewable biofuels and biodegradable plastics. This research is developing new solutions that will help overcome society’s reliance on traditional fuels while minimizing the need for waste landfills. The Microbial Genomics for Biofuels and Co-Products from Biorefining Processes (MGCB2) project involves studying the bacterial metabolism and gene structure and function involved in the conversion of waste materials and cellulose to usable products. The project’s goal is to select and design populations of bacteria with enhanced biosynthetic ability and to enable biorefineries that generate products such as ethanol, hydrogen and components of biodegradable plastics from agricultural and industrial waste. Source: Microbial Genomics for Biofuels and Co-Products from Biorefining Processes...

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